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Our Story

Hi there, 

This story starts in 2022 with a Montessori dad trying to find a toy shelf that was made from natural materials, sturdy and still beautiful and as it turned out that wasn't easy. We bought some different options but they wobbled/ swayed and most were made from plywood or MDF timber with veneer which are made using many chemical adhesives. I wanted better, I needed better, so I designed exactly what we wanted and with the help of my dad we brought it to life and made our shelving unit. It ticked every box, it was solid and sturdy yet still naturally beautiful. What really makes our shelves stand out is their elegant curved edges, solid wood and no visible screws.

I want to know other families and daycares have the option of solid, safe and beautiful shelves which is why Handcrafted Montessori is here today. All units are made locally in Perth,WA using quality local  materials.

We are currently designing and testing more products including Montessori toys and play equipment.

Why Choose Handcrafted Montessori?

Handcrafted Montessori is a small family business here in Western Australia, we are focused on producing the highest quality furniture and toys for Australian families and schools.


With all of our items on our website being handmade we are able to control the quality of the natural, local and eco-friendly materials we use to make every piece.

We strive to ensure all our products are non toxic which is why we only use solid wood, not MDF or plywood. Solid wood furniture is beautiful, hard-wearing and unique. Our furniture and toys are built to last generations, plastic toys easily fade and break and impact our environment severely, we want to see more children using quality, natural toys and materials. 


We use locally sourced beeswax to make our beeswax wood balm which is used to treat all our toys and furniture, our wood balm is made in house to ensure it is non-toxic and completely safe for babies and children. 

We use eco-friendly packaging, including recycled cardboard boxes, recycled protective paper and sterilised recycled glass jars normally obtained from local reuse shops for our wood balm to ensure we have a lower impact on the earth.


 Dr Maria Montessori favoured natural wooden toys as they're healthy, safe and inspiring for young minds. A simple wooden toy can capture your little ones mind without overwhelming them. They promote creativity, they allow your child to explore there imagination!

Hear It From Our Clients

"Beautiful product. Excellent alternative to ikea shelving and perfect to display toys. My kids now play with their toys much more now they’re easy to see and reach. Oliver is a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend."


Perth, WA

"Absolutely gorgeous work, communication that companies and stores should try to emulate, and at a very reasonable price for the quality.

The little one liked the shelf so much she immediately started finding stuff to put on it when she saw it.

10/10, would have cat try to lock the beeswax coating again"


Perth, WA

"Bought a beautifully crafted shelf for our baby nursery. Quick turn around service and high quality craftsmanship."


Perth, WA


Perth, WA


0431 413 458



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